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Here in California, we’ve been putting our heart and soul into almond growing for over a century. In fact, we’re the only almond drink that grows its own almonds – so yes, you could say we’re nuts about them! To find out more about some of us and our love for almond growing, just hover over our pics below.

- Unsere Anbauexperten -

  • Dan

    Ich freue mich, ein Blue Diamond-Mandelanbauer der zweiten Generation zu sein.

  • Steve

    Meine Familie baut seit über 60 Jahren mit viel Freude Mandeln an.

  • Christine

    Ich bin stolz darauf, genauso wie mein Vater Blue Diamond-Mandeln anzubauen.

  • Galen

    Meine Familie baut seit über 90 Jahren Blue Diamond-Mandeln an.

  • Matt

    Seit über neun Jahren bin ich stolzer Blue Diamond-Mandelanbauer.

  • Dan

    Es ist eine große Ehre für mich, Blue Diamond-Mandelanbauer in der 3. Generation zu sein.

Über 3.000

Mitglieder gehören unserer Genossenschaft an


Generationen bauen bereits unsere Mandeln in Kalifornien an


Jahre bauen wir schon unsere Mandeln an

Everything we do here at Blue Diamond revolves around our four brand pillars: Caring, Creating, Growing & Innovation

These values have helped us grow and harvest the finest California almonds for over a century. To find out more just check out the videos below.

With Michael’s third generation almond growing experience, he knows that with care comes the finest California almonds.

By using our quality Almond Breeze® products private chef Mathew can create the stand out food he’s renowned for.

Being the only almond drink that grows its own almonds gives us huge pride in our work and allows us to work together to continue to grow as a company.

Growing the finest California almonds takes a lot of tender loving care. It also requires innovative ways to sustain our land and crops for the future.